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St-Hubert (Quebec)
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9515-Test Cell Campus 5
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Customer Service
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Service Center
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Pratt & Whitney is a world leader in the design, manufacture and service of aircraft engines powering commercial, regional, and general aviation aircraft and helicopters. With more than 60,000 engines in service in over 200 countries and territories, we are proud to be responsible for powering an aircraft that takes off or lands somewhere in the world every second of every day.

We are known for our culture of innovation and investment in R&D, our commitment to employee career advancement, and for giving our experts an excellent work-life balance. We offer a highly competitive salary, benefits package and rotating work hours in accordance with the terms of the collective agreement in force.

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General responsibilities of the position :
Install engine accessories required for correct functioning. Adapt the test bench to the engine type and secure the engine on it. Connect fluid supply lines and standard and special control and instrument leads. Connect the engine to the dynamometer or install the propeller. Adjust the exhaust pipes and air intake pipes. Ensure that the cell is free of contaminants and movable objects.
Following specific engineering instructions, select the computer program, enter the alarm settings and configure the control panel according to the engine type to be tested. Ensure the functionality of the instruments and control panel by taking static readings. Ensure fluid quality is monitored and take samples if necessary. Before and during tests, adjust the various engine regulators so that it meets the required performance demands.
Start the engine and check its performance in accordance with set conditions and limits through synchronized throttle lever testing and flow and temperature control testing. Constantly monitor control panel and computer screen readings to be quickly aware of any abnormalities and be able to act immediately. Take readings when the engine is in the state required by the instructions, as well as adjustments or accessory changes carried out on the engine, and record these in the logbook. Identify the causes impeding test progression or continuity by searching for possible problems involving the operation of the engine, instruments, equipment and cell safety switches, and making the corrections required.
During the test, strip and rebuild external components as required with the help of standard and special accessories and tools. Balance the turbofan blower according to specifications (trim balancing). Update the appropriate parameter logs in order to establish efficient operations using statistical process control.
Enter the cell to check for leaks and the sound of stopped engine bearings or an engine running at low speed. Compile data on reports or in the computer system. Print performance data so that customer sheets can be issued; sign and/or affix the stamp to these sheets to testify that tests have been completed to the correct standards. Ensure that the documentation is properly completed and then sign and/or affix the stamp when the work has been completed.
Observe the process and results of tests performed by others in order to attest to compliance with standards and confirm results achieved. Carry out a visual check of the condition of the engine when it arrives at and leaves the testing process. Wash, rinse and dry engines, supports and the test cell when required.
May be called upon to work on the department’s most basic operations to assemble and disassemble a limited variety of engine configurations.
May be called upon to work on the most basic operations to install and test a limited variety of engine configurations.
Specific responsibilities of position :
Participate in the development of new processes, products and turnbacks for the selection of methods and tools.
Wash, store, package, identify and move parts, while ensuring that standards and specifications are met. Take the required items from the stores and columns, and inform the manager of what has been taken and what is required. Perform routine maintenance to ensure that fluid levels are correct, filters are clean and that the general condition of the machine complies with the checklist, etc. Keep own equipment and work environment clean and in good condition. Take part in training and share knowledge of the various tasks and equipment with team mates.
Perform other similar tasks that are of less or equal complexity to the functions mentioned above. Report problems to the department manager.
Qualifications required :
• College diploma in aircraft maintenance or equivalence
• Relevant experience: two to five years in the field of aeronautics
• Proficiency in French (oral and written) - knowledge of English an asset
• Interpersonal skills: team player and positive attitude
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Additional Information :
P&WC is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity and inclusion. We are pleased to consider all qualified applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, veteran status or any legally-protected factors.

Vacation, benefits, competitive salary, rotating working hours; all in accordance with the terms of the collective agreement in force;

The masculine pronoun is used without discrimination and solely for the purpose of making the text easier to read.

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